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Site Selection

Site Selection

Some of the services OSR provides during the Site Selection process include:

  • Work directly with your franchisee’s commercial real estate agent
  • Ensure that your franchisee secures a location that will work to fit your franchise model
  • Review site details and construction issues PRIOR to lease signing
  • Education franchisee about the need for Tenant Improvement Allowances

Floor Plans / Layouts

Some of the services OSR provides during the Floor Plans / Layout process include:

  • Creates Floor Plan PRIOR to lease execution to make sure the space will work
  • Design space to MINIMIZE build-out cost

Architectural Plans

Some of the services OSR provides during the Architectural Plans process include:

  • Work with the local architect or can provide a NATIONAL architect solution
  • Provide CAD files to architect to lower the cost
  • REDUCE the time required to secure construction permits

Store Opening

OSR’s Store-In-A-Box™ Ensures That Franchisees:

  • Open FASTER
  • Spend LESS Money
  • Have less STRESS during the store opening process
  • Focus on PRE-MARKETING vs. construction management


  • OSR will install the Store-In-A-Box™ with their own crew or they will work with the local GC
  • OSR’s custom Installation Guide ensures consistency and easy of installation
  • No detail is left unaccounted for during installation

General Contractor Builds Out Retail Space

Some of the services OSR provides during the General Contractor Build-Out process include:

  • Work with local GC’s or can provide a NATIONAL GC solution
  • Reviews GC bids
  • Ensure GC cost is as low as possible with minimal change orders
  • LEAD weekly conference calls to keep GC on schedule
  • Becomes GC point of contact for all construction questions

OSR Manufactures & Sources Store-In-A-Box™

OSR manufactures all fixtures required for new store opening

OSR sources items including:

  • Restaurant equipment
  • Smallwares
  • Lighting
  • Flooring
  • Graphics
  • Office equipment and supplies

OSR Ships All Items On A Dedicated Truck

  • OSR has national logistics partnerships providing cost savings
  • Dedicated trucks to minimize damage
  • Lift gates provided for ease of unloading